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Renk’Art Jewelry

Renk’art jewelry: it’s only hand made and unique pieces, picked up and assembled with love.

Delivered with a certificate of authenticity

Jewel’s provenance is indicated.

Jewels as unique as you are, meaningful and colorful! 

Silver 925.


In 2019, I moved to Berlin. The energy of the city sparked my artistic desire. I knew I had to do something here. Creativity and ideas are everywhere in Berlin.

One night, as I was walking in Mauer Park, along the ‘crazy’ wall, I found some small rocks. They had layers of paint, generations of stories, pieces of graffiti works and tags. The remains of artists that had once recreated history on this ‘crazy’ wall, time and time again, over each others, for years… 

The original idea of Renk’Art was for a TV show. I wanted to meet and introduce those artists from the shadow, that had once changed the face of the city; the street artists, the vandals…

Berlin has defined the concept to it’s final evolution; a street art itinerant gallery in the city and a real street art brand… That makes these artworks, no longer just stories on a wall, but the unique upcycled graffiti jewellery pieces. 


Be a part of history, Wear art as Jewelry!